Rotary marches in the Fourth of July Parade

A great civic organization (the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor) marched in a great civic event (the JayCee’s Fourth of July Parade) on Wednesday, and the results were fantastic! Our marchers include Greg and Patricia Stejskal, Ashish and Norma Sarkar, Mary Avrokatos, Ed Wier, Ed Hoffman, Roger Fraser, Agnes and Jim Reading, Art Williams, Art Di Blassio, Joanne Pierson, Lou Calloway, Mary Steffek-Blaske, Terry Linden, Irem Yoruk, Christie Bacon (and her three-year-old son), and yours truly.

It was hot out, but we had a blast promoting our club and the work we do. It turned out so well that we’re already making plans for next year!

From L to R: Mary Avrokatos, Art Williams, Joanne Pierson, Greg Stejskal, Norma Sarkar, Ed Wier (in rear), Dan Romanchik, Ed Hoffman, Lou Calloway Ashish Sarkar
Trying to stay in the shade before the parade begins.
Ed Wier proudly carrying the End Polio Now banner.