Rotary Goes to the Movies sees Pavarotti

Dennis Power, Jean Powers, Carol Senneff, and Dan Romanchik enjoyed watching the movie “Pavarotti.”

I’ve been a member of the Michigan Theater for at least ten years now, and being a Gold Card member, I see a lot of movies. Over the years, I’ve run into many Rotarians there, who are also Michigan Theater members. That got me thinking that we should go see some movies together. I consulted with several of the folks that I saw most often there, and Rotary Goes to the Movies was born.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, we finally saw our first movie Sunday, June 30. Four of us, including Dennis Powers, Jean Powers, Carol Senneff, and yours truly, attended the 6:15 showing of Pavarotti.  The Detroit Free Press review says, “With a smile and sense of playfulness as vibrant as his high C notes, Luciano Pavarotti was a superstar who brought opera to the masses.” The movie shows how he did this, while managing the ups and downs of his life.

We haven’t yet decided on our second movie, but we’d love to have you join our group. We have a mailing list that we will be using to coordinate meeting up at the movies. If you would like to join that mailing list—Rotary Goes to the Movies—go to and click on the button, “Apply for membership in this group.” Or, if  you prefer, you can send me an email, and I’ll send you an invitation to join the list.

The idea is for people to post when they will be going to the movies and would be happy for someone to join them. I’m not sure how well that’s going to work, but let’s give it a try. If you have any questions, or have a particular movie that you’d like to see, please get in touch with me. I think that this will be fun.