Rotarians march in 4th of July Parade

Anchored by DG Sparky’s RotaryMobile (see below), more than 20 Rotarians and family and friends marched in this year’s’ Ann Arbor’s Fourth of July parade. Our group included DG Sparky, his wife, and two members of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North. The goal was to highlight our work in Ann Arbor and around the world, and, of course to have some fun.

To demonstrate our work abroad, we had a couple of the mobility carts that we built earlier this year. President Greg, in a patriotic hat almost as tall as he is, and Christie Bacon, the march organizer, piloted the vehicles.

It was hot out, but we were warmly received by the crowd, which made the trek worthwhile. Their applause kept us on the march.

Consider joining us next year. It’s important to participate in events like this. It helps to keep people up to date on all that good work we do, and besides, it’s a lot of fun!