Rickshaw Ralph’s Ride to End Polio

Ralph Zuke, Rosemarie Rowncy , Lauren Heinonen, Ashish Sarkar, Norma Sarkar and Katie Bauer at Weber’s on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Ralph Zuke committed to ride his Barcalounger Rickshaw from St. Louis Missouri to Toronto, Canada (1000 miles) and try to raise 22,000 to End Polio Now. There were 22 cases of Polio in 2017. He shared with club members on Wednesday that after training for one year, he is now 25 pounds lighter, his cholesterol has never been better and his doctor couldn’t be happier. However his motivation is his passion to End Polio Now as he believes even one case is too many!!!!

Ralph provided Rickshaw Rides and photo opportunities after the meeting. We are happy to report that Ralph received $500.00 from RCAA and $350.00 in cash donations from our generous members for a grand total of $850.00!! Thank you for your support to End Polio Now!!

It’s not too late to support Ralph’s efforts, you can make a donation at the District 6510 website: http://www.rotary6510.org/end-polio-now.php . All checks made payable to The Rotary Foundation.

You can follow Ralph’s progress to Toronto on Facebook at Ralph’s Rickshaw Ride for Polio!!