Report from the RCAA Satellite Meeting on November 19th

A total of nine gathered in the lower level of the Pretzel Bell for the latest meeting of our Satellite club. In addition to Rotarians President Rosemarie, Don Deatrick, Ebru Misirli Mansfield, Paul Webb, and John White, we enjoyed the company of Austin Broda (a recent U-M Rotaractor now working in Dundee), Brian Mansfield (Ebru’s husband), Jeanie Powers (a U-M nurse and wife of Rotarian Dennis), and Ann Riddell (a U-M sorority House Director). Although we had enough scissors, we chatted about Rotary too long to actually work on the blanket project (we’re making no-sew scissors to donate to the UofM Comprehensive Cancer Center). The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 3, in which we’ll celebrate the year with a Holiday Dinner. The incomplete blankets will be there. Will you?

Clockwise around the table, from far left: Ebru Mansfield Misirli, Rosemarie Rowney, Don Deatrick, Austin Broda, Paul Webb, Jeanie Mack-Powers ,and Ann Riddell (not pictured: John White, Brian Mansfield)