RCAA Satellite busy making blankets for Cancer patients

At RCAA Satellite, our alternative way of being part of the club, we’ve started a new (and fun!) service project. It involves soft fleece with fun prints, scissors, tying knots, and plenty of camaraderie and laughter. Haven’t guessed what the project is yet? We’re making fleece blankets to donate to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. When a new patient comes in for chemotherapy, they’re given a cozy fleece blanket to make their time there more bearable.

For the next few meetings, we’ll continue to make these no-sew blankets. Come join us! Bring you friends, your family, or anyone interested in giving back and being a part of this important project. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6-7pm in the lower level of The Pretzel Bell.

Some of our RCAA Satellite attendees making blankets last Tuesday, October 22nd. From left to right: Jeanie Mack-Powers, Ebru Misirli-Mansfield, Lauren Heinonen, Chris Wentland, Annie Riddell, and Dayna Roe. Not pictured: Brian Mansfield.