RCAA at Glacier Hills First Meeting After Summer Hiatus

Rotarians and other Residents met at the Glacier Hills for their monthly meeting on Friday, September 27th from 9:45 AM to 11 AM. Past President Ashish Sarkar, who usually leads these meetings was on the job. So was our own Burt Voss, who is responsible for taking care of the details of the meeting with support from the staff of Glacier Hills. Fourteen Club members and seven guests, including residents and others, attended the meeting. Our own Larry Eiler was the featured speaker and spoke on the subject of aging and how to age gracefully. His presentation was very interesting, which included details on his personal journey with suggestions about how to age well. The topic was well received by the audience. Our thanks to Larry. The next scheduled Glacier Hills meeting will be on Friday, October 20.

Larry Eiler, member and featured speaker.