Purple Pinkie for Polio- October 24- From Rosemarie Rowney, RCAA Polio Chair

Event: World Polio Day October 24, 2018.

  • SPEAKER: PDG Elizabeth “Liz” Smith Yeats is presenting a Polio Update at the club’s noon luncheon meeting on October 24. Liz is known for challenging Rotarians to learn something new about polio that we didn’t already know.
  • FRIEND RAISING: Community leaders from government, industry and business are receiving personal invitations to come as guests to the luncheon meeting. Local governments are proclaiming World Polio Day in Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor.
  • PURPLE PINKIES: A Purple Pinkie Project is being planned for members before and after the luncheon meeting on October 24. Make a donation and have your pinkie painted in solidarity with all the children of the world receiving polio vaccine.
  • The purple pinkie project grew from actual field vaccination activities.  As Rotary volunteers went into communities and villages to administer vaccinations, children that had been given the vaccine had their pinkies dyed purple so that volunteers could easily identify children that had been given the vaccine.
  • Interactors at Pioneer and Huron High Schools are also conducting their own Purple Pinkie Projects. Rotaractors are hosting a viewing party in Mason Hall Room 3460 from 6-7 pm to watch the livestream World Polio Day webinar from Rotary International.

All donations go to PolioPlus and are matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ann Arbor is a special place to celebrate World Polio Day because on April 12, 1955

it was announced at the Rackham Building on the University of Michigan campus that the Salk vaccine was “safe, effective and potent”.  Let’s finish this job!

A health worker marks a child’s pinkie with purple ink to indicate she has received the polio vaccine during door-to-door immunizations, in a village near Lucknow, India.