Public Image Has A New Image!


Sign on Interstate 94, Ann Arbor, MI, publicizing our Rotary club (L); transition from established website (top) to new website (bottom) (R).

The Public Image effort responds to the Rotary International priority of “Enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness,” one of three major goals set by RI President (2017-18) Ian Riseley. Public Image tools include the Harpoon newsletter, the club website, and external publicity (ads and signage).

The Harpoon disseminates information about the club, providing a weekly update that includes a summary of the Wednesday meeting and monthly meetings of the Board of Directors.

With the transition of our website to its new format and address, the Harpoon and the website are becoming increasingly intertwined. Rather than a stand-alone newsletter, articles for the Harpoon now appear in an array of columns on the front page of the website, then age away into the body of the website as later articles are added at the front.

The website serves as an information source, archive space, and club point of access to both members and non members. It includes the weekly Harpoon, articles about local, district, and Rotary International meetings, events, and programs.

On November 9, 2017, the club transitioned from its established website to a new website which was based on the website of the Rotary Club of Toledo and other clubs. The new website is more easily updated by volunteers, provides sequencing images on its entry screen, and provides a look that is more like other Rotary websites.

The transition is not yet complete – the addition of password-protected space, for such use as posting our club directory in a manner that unauthorized spammers cannot use it; also, accepting electronic payment by third-party payment processors has yet to be implemented. The club is constantly in need of volunteers to create content, post content, and (with appropriate skills such as WordPress) serve as webmaster to develop features. The club also faces a challenge in migrating or linking the 15 years of archived material on the older website into this website. We are considering professional help for website development and archiving.— from the desk of  John White