Our bylaws provide that the Past President form a nominating committee to propose candidates as officers and directors for the next Rotary year, which the membership will vote upon atthe club assembly on the first Wednesday in December.  The bylaw further provides that notice will be given of these candidates at least 30 days prior to the club assembly.  This constitutes that notice.

This year’s nominating committee consists of Norman Herbert, Ebru Misirli Mansfield, Rosemarie Rowney, Greg Stejskal, and John Ackenhusen (chair).  The Nominating Committee proposes the following candidates, who would take office on July 1, 2019:

President Elect:  Joanne Marttila Pierson
Secretary:  Barbara Eichmuller
Treasurer: Mark C. Ouimet
Sergeant at Arms:  David B. Williams
Director (3 year term):  Norma J. Sarkar
Director (2 year term):  Thomas A. Millard
Director (2 year term):  Margaret A. Talburtt
Director (2 year term):  Arthur L. Williams.

We will vote upon these at our Club Assembly, scheduled for December 5, 2018.

Submitted by:  John G. Ackenhusen, Immediate Past President