Notes from the Club Administrator, 12/31/2017

Monthly Membership Report to the District:
After the departures of Loveleen Bajwa, Thomas Bradshaw, Yulanda Curtis, Joh Kang, Bruce Martin, Linh Song and Rob VanRenterghem, we finished the month of December with 306 Active Rotarians. Average attendance during the month was 36% for the three meetings. Not reported to the district but calculated for club use were the averages of 98 Rotarians and 13 others (mostly guests) at our weekly meetings. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 52%.
Remembering Revered Rotarians:
During the calendar year 2017, we lost three dear members; Dave Krehbiel passed away on February 23 at 84 with 21 years of service. We lost Past President Bill Stegath on March 29 at 96 with an exceptional 53 years of service. Finally, long-time Harpoon reporter Don Faber died on May 27 at 77 after 17 years of service.