NEW: Rotary Flash Surveys!

Fellow Rotarians, your Survey Committee is excited to announce a new survey format that is launching in January. Rather than one, more lengthy, annual survey in late spring, we are going to have a series of two question surveys (“Flash!” Surveys) through the months of January through March. We will continue to use Survey Monkey as we have done in the past to conduct our survey, so please watch your email for an invitation to complete these monthly surveys. Once the results of these surveys are tabulated, a member of the Survey Committee will present a summary to the Membership at a weekly lunch meeting.

After the March survey, we will evaluate whether it makes sense to continue this approach and include a shorter annual survey or revert back to our traditional, one survey per year. We appreciate your participation in this experiment and look forward to your feedback. And of course, we can’t wait to read your responses to our surveys!

Many thanks and Happy New Year!

The Rotary Survey Committee