New member profile: Carolina Typaldos

Carolina Typaldos

Having seven year old twins has given Carolina Typaldos a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude as she sees two individuals with nearly identical inputs develop along different paths to become their own persons.   They have made her more relaxed and flexible, which was an important attribute in her former job as the Infusion Center Manager in Adult Hematology at the UM Cancer Center.  She recently became a Process Improvement Specialist at Mott, which gives her more time for the twins and another son, and some volunteer work.

Carolina grew up in Panama in a Rotary family.  Her maternal grandfather broke the Panama City North Club from a much larger club.  Her father was a very active Rotarian and her family hosted Rotarians from around the world.  Carolina left seventeen cousins and two brothers in Panama when she came to Duke University as a Freshman.  She met Graham Brady in the dorm and they became a pair.  After college Graham became a medical student at Michigan and Carolina returned to Panama.  Their relationship survived the separation until 2005 when Carolina came to Michigan for a Masters in Health Administration and Health Policy.  The couple had two 2006 weddings – one in January by the Mayor of Chelsea so Carolina could get documentation to allow her to return from Panama, and one in May with her family in Panama.  Carolina became a US Citizen on May 2 of this year.

Carolina was an active member of the Junior League where she participated in many of their various projects.  She was a parent volunteer at the Mott Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, sharing her experiences of having all three children in the Unit.  In 2016 she began volunteering with Jewish Family Services’ work relocating refugees.  Carolina created and taught a curriculum training women in business skills and coaching other life skills necessary to settling into a new culture.  She will return to this project now that her current job is not so demanding.

Carolina is undecided about which Rotary projects are in her future but she has her eye on Community Allocations because it will give her an opportunity to learn abut the many and varied non-profits in Ann Arbor.