New committee working for peace

In an effort to continue the momentum created by World Peace Conference 2017 and extend its reach, a RCAA Peace Committee has been established. The board granted approval on April 18, 2018.

Our mission is to work locally and globally for peace, social justice, and the non-violent resolution of conflict.

As a follow-on to Peace Conference 2017, RCAA was able to co-sponsor the Peace in the Streets event held April 20-21 at Wayne State. Our conference website and Facebook page remain active. Now, as an official committee defining its next activities, we’re analyzing the ideas for peace building generated at the June 21, 2017 RCAA meeting. These ideas have been recorded and organized and are available upon request. Our committee has begun prioritizing them, and our next areas of focus may include:

  1. Help sponsor Madison Vorva, a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship candidate, to fund her masters program at Cambridge University in the U.K.
  2. Collaborate with organizations and institutions in our area engaged in peace building.
  3. Raise the public profile of Rotary as a powerful agent for peaceful progress and cooperation in the world by highlighting how all the actions of Rotary – from polio eradication to the Universal Playground – have a role in peacemaking.

You are invited to participate!

The current committee members include Marcia Lane (Chair), Ebru Miserli Mansfield, Eric Lipson, Ashish Sarkar, Norma Sarkar, Bev Seiford, Sumedh Bahl, Rosemarie Rowney, Collyer Smith, Carol Senneff, and Ed Hoffman. If you’d like to join the Peace Committee, or to be on our mailing list and stay apprised of what we’re doing, please contact Marcia Lane at or 734-395-4428.