Museum on Main Street celebrates our club’s 100 years of service (and other service clubs, too)

Rotary International’s slogan is Service Above Self. Kiwanis’ motto is Serving the Children of the World. The Lions Club’s motto is even simpler– We Serve.

This exhibit revolves around the Ann Arbor Rotary Club’s celebration of 100 years of their history, dedicated volunteers and great work. The spotlight also shines on the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor (celebrating 96 years), the Ann Arbor Host Lions Club (celebrating 88 years), the Salvation Army (Ann Arbor branch celebrating 121 years), and other fraternal and community service organizations.

They have many common causes and one core connection – they are run by volunteers. They serve the community and those in need by raising money and donating their resources, skills, talent and time. Not only during the holidays but all year round.

The Museum on Main Street is at 500 North Main, Ann Arbor (directions). Hours are Saturday & Sunday, 12 noon – 4 pm and weekdays by appointment. Groups are welcome at this family-friendly exhibit. Call 734-662-9092 or email

Anne Glendon notes:

The Museum on Main Street Project was inspired by the Rotary Exhibit at the AA District Library exhibit last winter. I had contacted them very early in the Centennial planning process as one of the potential sites for a display, but the Library was ready with staff and historical materials to help put it together, which made it an easy choice. As we were assembling the Library display, Beth Fitzsimmons tried to work out a follow-up exhibit at the Museum on Main Street, but their schedule was too full. Happily, Beth didn’t give up on the idea, because when she reconnected with MoMS this Fall about doing an exhibit of all the service clubs in town, the concept and timing were perfect. Thank you, Beth!

Other people besides Beth who deserve special credit are: Tom Millard, whose History Minutes booklet gave a fascinating look at the Club’s 100-year impact on the community, was a great worker as we assembled this display; John Ackenhusen, who leant his support to the idea and followed up with hands-on searching and hauling materials, made multiple trips to Staples, and was a good-humored lifter and placer while great minds made design choices; and Paul Glendon, who stepped up over Thanksgiving weekend as a “voluntold” to collect and assemble last minute items and help put finishing touches on the display.

Committee and board members who provided ideas and materials include: Norman Herbert, Todd Kephart, Margy Long, Laura Thomas, Andrea Darden, JoAnn Barrett, Sam Ozminkowski of Rotaract, Joanne Pierson, John White, Susan Froelich, Ed Wier, Don Deatrick, and Karen Kerry. We also want to acknowledge Liz and Judy at the Museum on Main Street for their friendly cooperation and assistance, and Liz Bergren whose graphic artist skills made everything better in both exhibits. She’s a whiz!

Here are more photos: