Mentor Opportunity: A Very Rewarding Opportunity to Serve

Mentors Needed: A Very Rewarding Opportunity to Serve

Our Rotary Mentorship Program is very popular and successful this year even despite the pandemic. We have a record number of Mentorship matches and now have three more University of Michigan undergraduates who would like a Rotary mentor.

The goal of the Mentorship Program is to create an environment in which Rotaract/Rotarian pairs have a safe space to grow as individuals, learn from one another, and discuss topics ranging from current events to life goals and retirement hobbies to college life. The Rotaractor mentees really appreciate the relationship and conversation with an older experienced person. But the mentor gets even greater rewards in the connection and enthusiasm of the younger generation.

We give some preliminary guidance but essentially the pairs set up their own rhythm and relationships evolve organically. Commonly they meet or converse once a month, maybe twice.

We have three Rotaractors looking for mentees. A match in professional interests, hobbies or gender is not required.

1) Female Freshman; Academic major/career interests: Medicine/Pre-Med/Biopsychology Cognition and Neuroscience/ Psychiatry. Hobbies/other interests: outdoor activities and nature networking and meeting people, movies anything to do with the brain/neuro.

2) Male Freshman: Academic major/career interests: Chemistry and pharmacy.

3) Female Freshman: Academic major/career interests: Chemical Engineering; Hobbies/other interests: reading, painting.

If you would like to volunteer or you have more questions, please contact Don Duquette at