Membership Guidelines

Guidelines for Membership in the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor
(Revisions December 2015)

Standard of Membership

An association of some 34,500 autonomous clubs in more than 160 countries, Rotary International is one of the world’s largest service organizations.  The goal for a club’s membership is a progressive representation of the community’s business, vocational and professional interests.  Members of Rotary are part of a diverse group of leaders working to address various community and international service needs and to promote peace and understanding throughout the world.  We need new members to infuse the club with ideas, energy and enthusiasm.  Our members are our most important assets.  They are the continued force that allows Rotary to carry out its humanitarian efforts and to achieve its mission.

The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor has a rich and proud tradition of quality and enthusiastic members who have enabled our Rotary club to thrive and achieve remarkable success in supporting community and Rotary International causes.  Our goal is to have a vital and diverse club with individuals who are proven leaders and professionals in our community, demonstrating professional growth, leadership and “Service above Self,” and who have the interest and ability to support our club and its projects.  The Membership Development Committee and the Board of Directors are committed to a continuation of that tradition for the good of all those we serve.  In order to assure that potential candidates for membership and their sponsors are fully aware of and prepared to accept the responsibilities of club membership, each club member who is considering proposing an individual for membership is urged to be familiar with and support our standards.


Candidates for Membership:

  • Must hold or be retired from a position of leadership or professional stature in the public or private sector.
  • Demonstrate volunteer service commitment to the community.
  • Have the ability/willingness to participate in the club’s community projects.
  • Live or work within the Ann Arbor area.

Benefits of Membership

  • Provides connections to our community
  • Work with fellow Rotarians to address community needs
  • Associate with other community leaders and professionals
  • Apply leadership skills and experiences for the advancement of the Club’s mission

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Participation at weekly programs and/or committee meetings and club projects.
  • Meet the financial obligations of the club through annual dues (generally $300 per year); mandatory community service contribution (currently $200 per year) and elective donations to the Ann Arbor Rotary Endowment and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
  • Participate in or otherwise support local or international activities or Rotary projects.
  • Aspire to leadership or committee roles within the club.

Membership Proposal Process

The Membership Development Committee is a standing committee of the club consisting of a representative cross-section of members.  The Committee receives and reviews Proposals for Membership and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval and invitation into Rotary membership.

The Membership Development Committee (MDC) and the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor are committed to the recruitment and retention of quality and dedicated members.  To assist our club in achieving this goal, members who are considering an individual for possible invitation into the club are asked to contact the current MDC chairperson(s) to discuss the opportunity for sponsoring a successful candidate into club membership.  The Chairperson(s) can assist and support the prospective sponsor with a review of the Standard of Membership and qualifications of the prospective member.

A candidate for membership should be invited by the sponsor to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary. If after the sponsor and candidate have reviewed the Standard of Membership the sponsor wishes to pursue membership, the Proposal for Membership Candidate Nomination Form should be completed (available on the club website or from the MDC Chairperson or a MDC member).

The Proposal will be reviewed by the MDC in their monthly meeting and recommendations will be made to the Board in their next scheduled meeting.

After Board approval, the sponsors will be notified and the new member’s orientation process will be established.  This includes the assignment of a Mentor identified by the MDC and the Membership Engagement Committee (ME).  The Mentor will be selected based on their compatibility with the new member’s committee and club engagement interest.  A schedule for Club introduction and a Rotary guideline review with the Club Administrator will also be confirmed.

New Member Schedule

Mentor assignment

Introduction lunch scheduled (Mentor and Sponsors to attend)

Orientation meeting with Club Administrator and/or Club Secretary (post introduction lunch with Mentor and MDC Chair)

Mentor accompanies new member to two additional lunch meetings

Assignment of new member as greeter at a weekly meeting

Informal “coffee” with member of Membership Engagement (three weeks after introduction – follow up on first impressions, share resources)

Schedule formal orientation (fall or spring as applicable)

If a new member joins the Club close to a recent orientation, they can participate in that class project initiative, otherwise they will work with the next class.

Schedule six week meeting with Membership Engagement

Role of the Mentor

The support and orientation of a new member is a critical factor to successful member engagement and retention.  In order to assure that the new member’s club experience is both rewarding and supportive of the club’s goals and mission, the mentor must commit to be a resource for new member inquiries and as a liaison to club committees and other members with similar areas of interest and committee engagement.  The assigned mentor will receive four attendance credits for their role.

Responsibilities of the Mentor

The mentor will coordinate (date identified with Club President, Club Administrator, and MDC Chair(s) the initial lunch meeting at which the new member(s) will be introduced.  The new member’s biography will be distributed at lunch tables for the full membership and the President will ask the new member to stand with sponsors and mentor for introduction.

Following this lunch meeting, the Club Administrator will meet with the new member to provide an orientation packet and review role and responsibilities (Rotary “At a Glance”).  The mentor and Chair of the MDC will also attend this meeting.

The mentor will accompany the new member to two (2) additional lunch meetings and provide resources and introductions to committees as applicable.

The mentor will continue to maintain contact with the new member on a monthly basis until their attendance at orientation (full orientation spring or fall).

New Member Orientation

A new member orientation will be conducted two times a year (spring & fall).  This orientation will include an overview of the history and culture of Rotary and of the responsibilities and opportunities for members of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor.  The speakers will include insights and experiences during their Rotary tenure and updates on current initiatives.  This meeting will compliment the initial orientation done by the MDC, the Club Administrator, and the new member’s mentor and will include all rolling admissions within the six months prior and any new applications. Membership Engagement will schedule a meeting for new members six weeks after this orientation to initiate a class project and solicit feedback on their Rotary experience to date.

To nominate someone, please fill out our web-based submission form.