Meet Our New Members

Read below short bios of the members of our fantastic New Member Class of March 11, 2020.


Andrew Brenner

Professional Organization: Quantum Spatial

Sponsors: Mary Avrakotos and Ashish Sarkar

Andrew is interested in health and environmental issues both in the US and globally. Currently his specific focus is providing solar power to clinics in Niger. He and his wife, Karen, bring a passion for solving health and environmental issues and bring both technical and logistical expertise to the table. They both understand the challenges but also some of the solutions for implementation of projects in US and globally.


Greg Campeau

Profession: Engineering, specifically as a research and test engineer since 1992.

Sponsors: Norma Sarkar and Ashish Sarkar

Greg is a co-organizer of a Meet-Up group that explores ways to manage projects in a more humane manner. Greg was very active with the annual Ann Arbor Give Camp weekend event. The organization assists nonprofits with their website development and maintenance. Greg was drawn to Rotary due to the 4-way test and the strong emphasis on ethics. He is particularly interested in business ethics.


Dayna Roe

Profession: Resident Services Social Worker at Glacier Hills

Sponsors: Lauren Heinonen and Betsy Hammond

Rotary became a larger part of Dayna’s life when she became a Rotary Foreign Exchange Student in Le Mans, France. Through this Rotary experience she was able to experience firsthand what it means to be a part of a network of people turned friends who are uniting the world for good. Dayna is passionate about the work that Rotarians do on an international scale. She feels that being involved in Rotary, even on the International level, makes the world seem like a very small space where almost anything can be resolved.


Daphne Schalbetter

Profession: Business Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Sponsors: Nishta Bhatia and Bev Seiford

Daphne wants to give back to the community using her management and leadership skills. She has been providing pro bono coaching sessions for mentors of Kinderhelden, a German organization providing mentorship to children from less well educated/migrant families. She continues to do so via video calls since relocating to the US. Daphne is interested is working with STRIVE and the U of M Rotaract.


Doug Selby

Profession: Co-founder of Meadowlark Design+Build

Sponsors: Susan Froelich and Barbara Eichmuller

With a background in Chemistry and cancer research before becoming a builder, Doug is a nationally known expert in residential green construction and Meadowlark regularly produces some of the most efficient and healthy homes in the world. Doug is interested in serving on teams in Rotary that address topics such as: Climate change, clean water, sustainable construction education, public policy and public/private partnerships.