Meet New Member Brendan Chard

Have lunch with Brendan Chard on a gloomy day and you will be brightened by his many sunny smiles. Brendan is a hometown boy – Eberwhite, Slauson, Pioneer High and UofM. He spent his free time in high school at Sears where he was the helpful salesman in Men’s Clothing, Paint, Sporting Goods, and Lawn & Garden. Coincidentally, his grandfather, whom he never met, was also a Sears salesman.
While at Michigan Brendan started a computer repair and website design business that has a specialty working with law firms. (Couldn’t entirely escape the influences of being raised by two lawyers.) He sold the repair portion of the business after graduation and moved to Minneapolis where he spent four years before returning at Ann Arbor. He now is president of The Modern Firm. The ten employee company has offices downtown but most of their work is done at neighboring Workantile, which is a co-working space on Main Street. Most of Brendan’s employees work from home, and Workantile is a way for the few Ann Arbor based employees to have the social interaction that is so important to work life balance.
The Modern Firm, is a website design and marketing firm for small law firms. They have over 800 clients all over the United States.
Brendan and wife, Juliana Wilkinson, a nurse at UM, married this past summer. They have two young sons, Lyle, 7, and Andrew, 4. Brendan’s primary hobby is golf and he’s a member of Radrick Farms. Outside of that, mountain biking and downhill skiing keep his blood pressure low. He has not pursued his college avocations, billiards and archery. Brendan was a Rotarian in Minneapolis where he worked on a project like our Community Allocations. This is where he will begin his Ann Arbor Rotary career.