Matching funds from the Rotary Foundation makes your donations go further

By Ashish Sarkar

Recently, you heard Endowment Chair, Norm Herbert, tell us how your generous donations to our club’s endowment help us make a difference in lives of people here locally and around the world. Now, I’d like to explain how our club takes some of those funds and leverages them with the help of matching grants from the Rotary Foundation and other affiliated organizations.

You all received the 1-2-3 letters last week. #3 is an optional donation to the Rotary Foundation. The club asks each member to consider donating at least $100 as part o the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) program. To qualify for matching grants from the Rotary Foundation, the club has to donate $100 per member, or about $33,000 this year. If you can give a little more, that would be appreciated also.

Over the years, we have received matching funds from the Foundation for our local and international projects. For at least the last four years, we have received much more than we have given to the EREY Fund. We do not want to lose these matching funds because we could not come up with our $33,000 required donation this year.

We have used this money to fund a lot of good work, including:

  • A $20,000 donation from our club helped fund a $105,000 project in Guatemala that is helping poor women with children.

  • Our donation of $10,000 helped build a maternal and children’s clinic in rural Bangladesh that had a total project cost of $52,000.

  • A $5,000 donation from our club, coupled with matching funds from the Rotary Foundation, is helping to build a neonatal clinic in a rural hospital in India. Our club will be the lead partner on this project.

We do not want to lose these opportunities to participate in these projects and make an impact in people’s lives. And, without the matching funds from the Rotary Foundation, our donations won’t make as big an impact as they do now. So if you have not made your year- end donations yet, please consider it now.

Charity Navigator gives the Rotary Foundation four stars, its highest rating. Administrative costs are less than 4%, and 91% of funds are spent directly on programs. None of the charitable organizations to which I donate personally have such low overhead costs. I urge you to join me in donating to the Rotary Foundation’s EREY Fund.

Please note that your donation to the Polio Fund is also welcome, but when you give to the Polio Fund, that donation will not be counted as your per capita donation of $100 being required for EREY Fund of Rotary Foundation.

If you have any questions, please contact me.