March Membership Update from Executive Director Lori Walters

Rotary Proud!

March proved to be a month of action for the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor.  Our monthly meeting average was still a little low at 84 (27.5%), but a definite improvement over February.  However, this percentage should not bring us down, for the engagement numbers are quite astounding!  When including the first quarter’s figures for tutoring, members attending committee meetings, and folks lending a hand to the Executive Director, we can count 272 instances of Rotarians in action.  This includes our members visiting other clubs as well.  I can assure you thisnumber is much higher as it does not include folks working diligently in the background to help bring ClubRunner up to speed and on other projects which we have simply not logged time for.


March also brought the induction, with great enthusiasm, of 14 new members.  Please watch for these folks with their “New Member” ribbons and make them feel welcome and invite them to join you on a project.  Thus far we have had this class jumping in with both feet.  In conclusion, keep up the good works, wear your Rotary tee shirts and pins with pride when possible and do let me know when you are engaged on Rotary’s behalf with a list of those in service with you.  If you need a tee shirt, please do not hesitate to ask!