Make-up Attendance Report by John White

On Tuesday, March 26, I attended the meeting of the Destin FL club. It meets at 7:15am in a local country club with a breakfast buffet for $12. The club has 55 members and a large portion of them were there. With the speaker (owner of a local brewpub), two guests and two Visiting Rotarians, the attendance was about 50. The makeup of the club appeared younger and less diverse than ours and with only a few neckties. No singing but they do many of the common opening rituals like the Pledge of Allegiance, Four-way test (they add a fifth: “Is the bar open”), fines (they spin a wheel to determine the amount), a 50/50 raffle, a joke and had a “Membership Minute” (a new member told who she is, what she does, how she became acquainted with Rotary and why she joined this club). The club’s enduring theme is “Reducing Hunger in our Area.” They support a number of local nonprofits through a series of service projects and fundraisers like their “Crawfish Bash,” “Super Butt Rub” and participation in a local BBQ contest. As always, the local Rotarians were welcoming and friendly. At least one was from Michigan and recalled enjoying football in the Big House. You can learn more about the club at