Katie Bauer: At the root of the Tree Tag project

Kati Bauer

Katie Bauer is the brilliance behind the Tree Tag project for the current class of new members. She disavows bringing a thought out plan to the group, crediting a random thought seized upon by the other members. It was a great project that financed 100 trees, involved the Ypsilanti and Chelsea Clubs as well as others in the District, and brought our club more accolades.

Katie is a person who loves what she is doing with students at Michigan. Working at the University is something of a family business. Her grandfather was the chair of the psychology department for 40 years, her Dad was a maintenance supervisor for 40 years, and she is enjoying a 42 year career at Michigan, with no plans to give up the fun. She is currently the Senior Counselor to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation.

She works on projects to find ways to involve both undergraduate and graduate students in their subjects – not just delivering knowledge, but involving students in synthesizing information to create meaningful and lifelong learning experiences. She is most excited – currently – about gameful learning, in which faculty develops multidisciplinary games to deliver academic content.

Katie’s own academic background includes a degree in Construction Management. She and husband have two grown sons, one a doctor and one a safety engineer. Between them, the boys have five children. Katie sells interchangeable jewelry for Hoola, a direct seller of hoops, chains and doodads to craft a unique piece of jewelry.

Katie is interested in working in the financial side of our Club, on Program and on Membership issues.