Junior Rotarians

Junior Rotarians are special!

They are high school students who attend our weekly meetings, and who share their lives, hopes, and dreams with Rotary members.  In return, Rotary members share their career experience and their encourgement.

Rotarian Scott Westerman, remembering his experience as a Junior Rotarian 68 year ago, said: “My wish for you is that your experience here with us will be so memorable that you will recall it for many years to come, and that you will have made Rotary an important part of your life, as it has been of mine.” (January 2012)

Community High School, November 30, 2016

This year’s Junior Rotarians from Community High are Caitlin Mahoney, Minjun Kim, and Danny Freiband. Caitlin intends to pursue a career in a medical field, Minjun a career in computer science, and Danny a career in music.