Introduction to ClubRunner – This Wednesday after Lunch

ClubRunner is our new cloud-based, membership software. It provides accounts for each member to manage his or her own entry and access contact information on other club members. Once fully implemented, it can provide for directories, event planning, calendaring, committee management, dues & billing, attendance records, storage/retrieval of documents, bulletins, website, etc. What’s planned for after lunch on Wednesday is a brief introduction to its web version and smartphone app. If you can stay for a half hour or so, you will have a head start on the process to roll out this product to all members. For an even bigger leap forward, you can download the ClubRunner app to your smartphone now and email Lori Walters at to get your login credentials. We hope you can be one of our “early adopters” for this useful and valuable new resource.
John White
Club Administrator (retired), Rotary Club of Ann Arbor
Note: My able successor is Lori Walters. I will forward this message to her, as appropriate.
Going forward, you can reach her at
Please visit the Club’s new website at
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