Habitat for Humanity Work Day!

On Saturday March 30, 6 Rotarians, 1 guest and 2 future Habitat for Humanity (H4H) homeowners were on a job site in Ypsilanti for our first workday.    The projects for the day were to remove a brick wall from the basement as well as “energy enveloping” in the upstairs which means caulking all wood framing on the exterior walls and spraying foam into the larger gaps and openings.    Tough work but our small and energetic and enthusiastic group got it done!   To qualify for an H4H home, the homeowners must complete 250 sweat equity hours so it was gratifying and inspirational to work alongside 2 future homeowners who joined us for the day.   Really brings clarity to why we do this!
Great day and we look forward to our next workday on April 20!  Here are some photos from our day thanks to Fred Beutler.
The Group
Carrying a load of bricks to the dumpster
Roger “the Hammer” Fraser
Karen “the Gun” Gladney