Habitat for Humanity Work Day 2.0

On Saturday, April 20, a hearty crew of Rotarians (Arthur Williams, Jim Egerdall, Beth Nissen, Rob Shiff) braved the rain and chill to complete our second workday with Habitat for Humanity. Our job for the day was demolition which meant taking the interior of the home “down to the studs” by removing drywall from walls and ceiling as well as removing the furnace. This included cleaning up  blown-in insulation which fell like snow as the ceiling was removed!
We were joined by 2  members of the community as well as a current H4H resident. It was heartwarming and inspirational to hear her story and insight on how this has had a significant positive impact on her life. She was a good ambassador for Habitat and helps put in perspective why we do this type of work to support our community.
By Rob Shiff
Our H4H Work Team before…
…and after! Drywall was covering all of the exposed studs prior to the start of the day.