Got Time for a Young Friend?

(a personal note from Don Duquette…)

Be a Rotary Mentor.  I’ve had several Rotaract mentees and I heartily recommend the experience.  Each relationship is different. Most of mine are considering a law career. (We’ll match you to your expertise and interest.)  We meet for lunch or coffee or for a walk about campus.  A couple of my female mentees loved to discuss (and argue) law and family/feminist policy. One  went to Argentina to teach (and perfect her Spanish) before applying to law school.  Last year one mentee was studying at the London School of Economics where he “read” history. We met via Zoom and discussed our shared interest in history, politics, and the natural world.  A current sophomore mentee shares his excitement about classes and raises career questions.  We also have these broad-ranging intellectual discussions — history, his insights into the Iliad, his discursive analysis of St. Paul that my many clergy friends would have a hard time following. These cross-generational friendships are so satisfying.  I love learning about undergrad life in this time.  They are such amazing human beings.  And they actually like connecting with us “elders” – people outside parent, teacher, or coach.  Very fun; very satisfying.

Here is last year’s roster of Rotary mentors.  Ask them for their story.  Paul Webb, Larry Eiler, Pattie Katcher, Laurie Atwood, Daphne Schalbetter, Greg Campeau, Charlie Koopmann, Mary Steffek Blaske, Elaine Besh, Jennifer Fike, Paul Izenberg, Don Deatrick,  Ebru Misirli.

I am the contact ( if you want to volunteer for a mentorship match.  Try it; you’ll love it.

 “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
– Frederick Douglass