Going to the Movies While Sheltering-In-Place

Going to the movies is a great way to relax and be entertained at any time; it’s even a better idea in this time of coronavirus, but with physical cinemas all closed for the time being, streaming is our only option. Locating a streaming service or “pay per view” service that carries the flic you want to see can be a challenge.

Streaming services are differentiating themselves; they do not all offer the same catalogue or delivery method. Netflix, Amazon and, now Disney+ all provide original and proprietary content that are only available from them. They don’t necessarily play well with each other or independent movie distributors. Vudu appears to be following the old Blockbuster model, offering popular movies after theatrical release for sale and/or for rental on a ”pay per view” basis.

As a result, each of us must determine which platform is best suited to our needs.
That task is facilitated by using the app JustWatch, which also is available on your desktop. It’s easy and convenient — just search for the movie that you want, and JustWatch will display (a) which service(s) it is streaming on, (b) which service(s) it is available for rental on and at what price, and (c) what service(s) it is available for purchase on and at what price.
Have a good time at the movies!