From the Desk of Lori Walters

CRACK Team now Forming:
Like STRIVE, CRACK is an acronym. It stands for “ClubRunner Action Consortium for Knowledge.” ClubRunner (CR), our new cloud-based membership management software has been populated but now needs an elite team to apply the final touches and determine how best to roll it out to all the members in the Club. Once fully implemented, each of us will be able to update our own listing, view the directory, access password-protected information and make contacts with other members, both through CR’s web version and via its smartphone app.
Committee chairs will be able to create and manage mailing lists. It also has capabilities for bulletins, websites, newsletters, attendance, etc. Click here [[]] to get acquainted with this powerful new resource. If you are interested in joining this elite team and being on the leading edge of a new era, contact Lori at Thanks!