From the Desk of John White, our Club Administrator

Weekly Meeting Statistics

A total of 94 members learned about the Peace Neighborhood Center from Bonnie Billups. Included were four members-elect (Brendan Chard, Ron Slagell, Beth Nissen and Irem Yoruk). We also had one Visiting Rotarian (Bill Knox from Macomb Centennial Morning) and one U-M Rotaractor (Peter Chen). We were also joined by four guests.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians

None this week.

Monthly Membership Report to the District

September was Literacy Month in the Rotary year. We finished the month with 290 Active Members after the resignation of Bob Buckler and conversion of Chuck Olson to Inactive Emeritus status. Our club also has six Honorary Members and six Inactive Emeritus members. Average attendance during August was 43% for the four meetings. Not reported to the district but calculated for club use were the averages of 91 Ann Arbor Rotarians and eleven others (not counting the 128 meals served to guests at the Golf & Tennis Outing) at our weekly meetings. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 59%.