From the desk of John White: October 15, 2018

Weekly Meeting Statistics:

A total of 106 members welcomed incoming Executive Director Lori Walters and five of our seven new members (Brendan Chard, Barb Mulay, Beth Nissen, Ron Slagell, and Irem Yoruk). Naren Bhatia and Reed Vander Slik, the remaining two, will be inducted later. We also had two Visiting Rotarians (former club member Doug Moffat, now of Brighton, and B. Yawson of Ann Arbor North). We were also joined by two guests. Just before lunch, twelve members of the STRIVE Committee met. Earlier in the day, 14 Rotarians participated in the Orientation of our new members. Late in the day, the New Member Reception drew 29 club members and seven guests.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:

None this week.