From the Desk of John White for October 24

Photos of Rotarians at Work (and Play):

We know that visual images add a lot of information and interest to a Harpoon article or website post. Accompanying photos of good quality and relevance are always welcome by our hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Click here for a current article by Alyce Henson, RI staff photographer. She shares a number of tips that are valuable in getting great shots to document and promote the good work we do.

Weekly Meeting Statistics:

A total of 100 members were part of the World Polio Day program with Liz Smith, Detroit Rotarian, as our speaker. We also had four other Visiting Rotarians (Rick Vanden Heuvel of Dexter, Aleia MacDonald of Livingston Sunrise, ADG Anne Nauts of Chelsea and David Willett of Plymouth Noon). We were also joined by eight guests. Just before lunch, 15 members of the Community Allocations Committee met.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:

None this week.