From Paul Smith- Committee Chair for International Humanitarian Projects Committee

Project in cooperation with a club in India

Our IHPC was contacted by the incoming president of Rotary Club of Madras East, Chennai, India regarding a project for improving a school for girls with dyslexia.  This club has led numerous global grants and anticipates an additional three Global Grants this year which the club has designated as the Year of the Girl.  This project which we decided to support will provide computers, furniture and low electrical requirement lights and fans.  Approximately 3700 girls in under served communities will benefit.  We of IHPC are excited about this new partnership expecting further cooperative ventures in the future.

Project in cooperation with a club in Nicaragua

IHPC has decided again to support a project in Nicaragua in cooperation with South Granville Rotary Club, a club of about 12 members in North Carolina.  South Granville organizes a project in Nicaragua every other year with financial and on the ground assistance from numerous other clubs.  The current project is to provide electrical lighting and outlets for three rural schools.  Six teams of Rotarians, each with a Rotarian translator, from the US will install the electrical wiring.  The new aspect of this project is each team will also include a Nicaraguan who will learn the skills needed to safely maintain or upgrade electrical service and do installations in other schools or homes. The project will be done in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Matagalpa, Nicaragua and the Sister Cities of San Ramon.  In addition to financial support, one member and a member spouse of Rotary Club of Ann Arbor will be team leading and assisting with electrical installation.  We remain hopeful the political situation will resolve before the planned project is set to begin.