Find Your Tree!

Many of our members bought tags to place on the 100 trees that were planted at the D6380 Conference in early May. Almost all the trees have now been planted in 8 parks in Ypsilanti. Are you wondering where your tree is? We now have an easy way to find out!

Click here to be taken to an interactive map, powered by Google Maps, that will show you the exact location where your tree has been planted.

When you click the link and are taken to the map, you will see on the left side of the screen a header that says “Trees.” You can then scroll through the list until you find the name that you wrote on your tree tag. Click the name, and the location of your tree will be highlighted on the map. In the lower left corner of the map, click the “+” sign until you are appropriately zoomed into the location of your tree. If you would like detailed directions on how to get to your tree, click the small arrow in a diamond that is next to the name of your tree. You will be taken to a new page in Google Maps that allows you to put in your starting address, and then you will be given detailed instructions on how to get to your tree. These instructions may be printed out, or you can follow these same steps on your phone and use it as a GPS.

Additionally, once you click your tree, on the left side of the screen you will see the type of tree as well as a photo. When you click the photo, you will see a large photo of your tree as well as the tag.

Please contact Lauren Heinonen at if you have any questions or problems finding your tree.


If the above link does not work, copy and paste this URL in your browser: