Weekly Wednesday Zoom Meeting: Rotary Has New Committee -- Rotary ARC


Rotary Club of Ann Arbor has a new Committee: the Rotary ARC – Anti-Racism Committee!
ARC will present the program at this Wednesday’s meeting, August 12. It will include an
introduction to our group followed by a moving  TED Talk by Baratunde Thurston (found here, if you
won’t be attending the meeting and would like to view it:
ne_at_a_time). In response to the current worldwide movement toward meaningful and lasting societal and institutional change to end racism, the Peace Committee has worked with other RCAA members
interested in becoming more involved in the movement.
From our first meeting we have had deep discussions about how to move from denouncing racism, to actively and effectively opposing it.  One decision was to propose to the RCAA Board that we create this new, stand-alone committee. ARC also references a writing of 19thcentury Unitarian minister Theodore Parker, who was quoted by Martin Luther King, Jr.:
The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
Our intent is to bend the arc a little faster.
We believe the first step is to educate ourselves and then to engage our Club’s membership.
We can all benefit from a better understanding of the issues that people of color face. With that
in mind, we have developed a Vision, Statement of Purpose, and Action Plan.
ARC Vision
To live in a more equal, inclusive, and just community
ARC Purpose
To raise awareness, present informative programs, and offer opportunities for active
discussions designed to help end racism and injustice. We intend to actively create an
environment of support and solidarity in our community and encourage personal action by our
Action Plan
1) Raise awareness and stimulate reflection by several means that are regular and consistent
2) Develop and implement programs that inform and enlighten
3) Offer quarterly interactive break-out sessions separate from Rotary meetings, facilitated to
create personal interaction through discussion of specific resources and issues
4) Maintain an organizational structure so that the committee functions and implements its plan
effectively, following guidelines and protocols of the RCAA
Current ARC members:
Sumedh Bahl Andrea Bare
Marsha Chamberlin Susan Froelich
Dave Gilbert Henry Johnson
Eric Lipson Anne Nauts
Beth Nissen Daphne Schalbetter
Yolanda Whiten Arthur Williams
Ebru Misirli Mansfield

If you are not a member and would like an invitation to this meeting, please contact Lori Walters at executivedirector@a2rotary.org