Weekly Zoom Meeting - April 8: Focus on Youth

This week we will hear an update about the work that our youth have undertaken to, in the words of the ancient Greek dramatist Aeschylus, “tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.”

The Rotaract Club will tell us about  its spring break service trip to El Porvenir, Honduras, working in partnership with the Honduras Child Alliance for the second year in a row. The pervasive poverty in rural Honduras has many societal causes. However, the Alliance is focused on the fact that lack of education reinforces and perpetuates that cycle. Its projects therefore are all community-based. The Alliance stresses, among other things, learning English and acquiring computer skills so that the children who participate in its programs can pursue educational and employment opportunities which otherwise would be unavailable to them. By fostering positive self-expression, leadership talents, and team building, the Alliance seeks to nourish their confidence and build up their self-esteem. The Rotaractors will fill us in on how they participated in furthering those objectives.

We will also be hearing from our Interact students at Huron and Pioneer High Schools. They have had an incredible year of service.

Madi Vorva, our 2018 Global Grant Scholarship recipient, will be providing our Inspirational Welcome from her quarantine location of London, England.


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