Public Image Committee Meeting

PUBLIC IMAGE (Laura Thomas, Director)

Co-Chairs: Michael Field (, Ed Hoffman ( and Collyer Smith (
The Harpoon Committee’s charge is to disseminate information about the club and to promote club activities through Rotary’s electronic newsletter. The work includes newsgathering about members, a weekly report of the club’s meeting, noting Rotarians in the news, and such reports as shall be assigned to committee members by the editor. The committee has various responsibilities including formatting operations of the Harpoon, primary and backup reporters to the editor at the weekly meetings, and others volunteering to help in any capacity. Meetings are randomly scheduled as needs arise, but much of the contact among members is by e-mail.

Co-Chairs: Ken Arbogast-Wilson ( and Lauren Heinonen (
This committee is responsible for the club website. The committee works with the club administration and committees to edit and update website content, including posting issues of the Harpoon and information on Club and Rotary International programs. In addition, it keeps the Director up to date, posts information from other Club committees and Rotary International Programs. Experience with website content management systems is helpful, but not required.

Public Relations & Social Media
Chair: Position Open
The committee will provide support to other club committees to highlight and promote specific events and projects throughout the year using print media, radio, TV, slideshows and social media support. The PR committee will be successful when it has a team of committee members that are proactive about meeting the needs of the various committees in promoting upcoming events and reporting on past projects and events and being called on to do so by the various Club Committees and the Board. Also, a dynamic relationship will be maintained with other PR committees such as Website, Harpoon and Social Media committees. Monthly meetings are schedule on the first Tuesday of each month.

Chair: Fred Beutler (
This committee records pictures that chronicle Rotary activities. Photos are published in the Harpoon and archived in a Dropbox account or retention and future reference.