Shop Till You Drop at the New Kiwanis Center

This event is either expired or no longer accepting new registrations

Come Shop Till You Drop at the New Kiwanis Center on August 4 with lunch at Noon to Hear Why the Downtown and West locations were combined into ONE 30,000 square foot THRIFT SALE.
 In the interest of providing Rotarians with something different to do together, the Social Committee would like to invite you to come to the New Kiwanis Center on Saturday August 4 and take yourself and a friend on a shopping spree followed by lunch for $5 each. There will also be a short talk telling the tale of how the two locations were combined into one and, if desired, a tour of the behind the scenes intake, sorting and storage areas.
  WHERE? 100 N. Staebler Road – Go west on Jackson till you reach Menards and turn right on Staebler Road at the end of Menards and right again into the parking lot – just follow the signs.
  WHEN? Saturday, August 4. Sale is open from 9 to 1, but we thought you might come about 10 am and then make your purchases and take them to your car and be back in the meeting room by NOON for lunch, a brief talk and a tour.
 HOW TO SIGN UP? Sign up at a regular Rotary meeting July 16 or 23, or contact Susan Smith Gray prior to July 29.  Payment ($5.00) must be received no later than the meeting on August 1.