Nominate a New Member

Note to Sponsors/Mentors:

Please review the Guidelines for Membership in the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor before proposing a candidate for membership. Once you are satisfied that a candidate meets the requirements, complete this form and submit it. Documents to assist your recruiting can be found in the lower left corner of the badge board. In addition, you can click here to be directed to a page that contains links to information designed to aid new and prospective members.

Useful items of information in your recruiting are financial obligations. Currently, annual dues for members in the 40-69 age range are $380. Under 40s pay $230 while 70 and over owe $350.  Meals are $12 each week on a “pay-as-you-come basis.” The initiation fee is $150 although this payment is waived for persons who are current/former Rotarians or have otherwise been formally connected with Rotary in some way. The final requirement is a Community Service Assessment (CSA) of $200 per year. It is a donation to the Ann Arbor Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. New members pay the initiation fee (if applicable) plus prorated amounts of the dues and CSA upon induction.

Also note that members are urged to refrain from referring to guests or candidates as “future members” until the Board of Directors has acted on and approved a nomination, since the candidate is subject to review until that time.

Please have all information at hand when you input data on this form as you are not able to edit a nomination once you have pressed the submit button. You may wish to print out a copy of these pages and fill them in before entering the data into the form.

Note that any nominees proposed by the February 11, 2020 deadline and approved at the meeting of the Board on February 18, 2020 will be expected to attend the orientation and induction on Wednesday, March 11. The orientation starts at 10:30am. The induction ceremony will be conducted during the luncheon that day.

Nominate a New Member

    Has the candidate been to a couple of lunches, and introduced to several members to get an idea of who we are?
  • Are you familiar with the defined responsibilities for a sponsor/mentor and will you commit to those responsibilities if this candidate is accepted into membership? These repsonsibilities include:
    • Assist him or her in meeting and developing acquaintances with fellow members;
    • Assist him or her in obtaining information about club activities and projects;
    • Encourage him or her to share talents and skills for the club's benefit.
  • Have you reviewed the Guidelines for Membership, and do you believe that this candidate is prepared and able to meet those responsibilities?