Nominate a New or Returning Member

Please complete the appropriate form below to seek or reactivate membership in the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor. The nomination will be evaluated by the Membership Committee with a recommendation made to the Board of Directors at its next scheduled meeting (nominally the third Wednesday of the month).

Financial obligations of membership (as of July 1, 2022):

Initiation fee (only for members new to Rotary): $25
Annual dues: Under 40 $180
40-69 $410
70 and over $370
Active Emeritus $210
Community Service Assessment (annual donation): $200

Note to Sponsors/Mentors:

Please review the Guidelines for Membership in the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor before proposing a candidate for membership. Once you are satisfied that a candidate meets the requirements, complete the form below and submit it. Documents to assist your recruiting can be found in the lower left corner of the badge board. In addition, there are several online resources for new and prospective members.

Please have all information at hand as you work to complete this form since you will not be able to “save and continue later” nor edit a nomination once you have pressed the Submit button.

Nomination forms can be submitted at any time and will be considered by the Membership Committee (on the second Wednesday of the month). Its decision will be presented to the Board of Directors at its next meeting, nominally the third Wednesday of each month. Upon approval by the board, candidates new to Rotary will become Members-elect and will be welcome to participate in all club programs, activities and events as they await formal induction. Former Rotarians, reinstatements and transferees will become Active members on a date of their choosing and will be expected to begin their financial obligations on pro-rated basis at that time.

Candidates New to Rotary 

For candidates new to Rotary, approval by the Board awards the person with “Member- elect” status. As such, the person is given a badge with a blue ribbon and invited to participate fully in all Club meetings, events and activities in advance of the formal induction. Upon induction, the candidate will pay an initiation fee and begin to pay dues and the Community Service Assessment on a pro-rated basis and will be entered into the Rotary and Club rosters.

Complete the Nomination Form for a Candidate New to Rotary 

Candidates Returning to Rotary

The process is essentially the same for persons who have been Rotarians or are seeking to transfer their Active membership from another Rotary club. The difference is that such persons are eligible for full membership in our club immediately upon Board approval and are exempt from the initiation fee. In order to facilitate their entry or re-entry, the person will be invited to be part of the orientation session for the upcoming class of new members.

Complete the Nomination Form for a Transfer or Reinstatement

If you prefer to send a nomination form by USPS or email, please contact our Administrative/Financial Manager.