Community Allocations Committee helps kids succeed

The Community Allocations Committee solicits, reviews, and awards grants to local not-for- profit organizations that support the club’s goal of “Helping Kids Succeed.” Funding commitments are for a single year with a maximum amount of $5,000 per grant.

Members of the committee are responsible for reading and ranking applications in preparation for an annual grant selection meeting in April and approval by the Board of Directors later that month. There is a second cycle to select an applicant for the “District Grant” application in July. These proposals are required to include a significant role for the participation of Rotary club volunteers.

The Committee also reviews reports from non-profits concerning their use of funds, shares information about the supported programs with the club membership and the Public Image committee and engages in a process of continually reviewing and revising the grant award process with an eye to continuous improvement.

In 2018, applications exceeding $174,000 were received, and the Committee awarded its full budget of $58,000. These grants will influence the lives of about 22,000 children! The Community Allocations Committee will be a major beneficiary of the effort to increase the endowment of The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor Foundation to the point of providing $100,000 for community and international support.

Co-Chairs, Brian McLaughlin and Dan Stewart