Committee profile: Survey Committee

The intent of the Survey Committee is to create, distribute, collect, tabulate and report a survey of all the members of the club annually. Last year, 2017, the Board recommended that the annual Rotary survey be revamped to focus more on member engagement. Based on feedback from Board members and President John, the Committee announced a new survey format in January 2018. Rather than one more lengthy, annual survey in late spring, the Committee is launching a series of two question surveys (“Flash!” Surveys) through the months of January through March 2018.

Results from the surveys were presented at subsequent lunch meetings. On January 24th, Chair Amy Kilbourne came to announce the results of the first January Flash Survey which focused on member recruitment. A total of 52% of the members responded to the 2 questions on why did you join Rotary and why do you stay? Approximately half responded that their most important reason why they joined Rotary and why they continued their membership was to engage with members of their community at large. About a third responded that participating in local/regional community service was their most important reason for joining Rotary and continuing their membership.

Amy then had lunch attendees brainstorm via a “table topic” to identify suggestions for where to recruit new members. A variety of valuable suggestions were provided, including recruiting from local chambers of commerce, non-profit boards, as well as lists of retirees from Universities and community events, and these results were presented at the Regional Membership Seminar in late January. February and March Flash Survey focused upon membership engagement and development.