ClubRunner Corner- Executive Director Lori Walters:

This is the first in a somewhat regular series of articles to provide you with information on ClubRunner, our club’s new membership management software. ClubRunner is cloud-based and provides each member with a personal password-protected account that can be used on both laptop/desktop computers and smartphone/tablet devices. The product offers a wide range of capabilities such as email communications, directory access, document storage, attendance tracking, committee management, event planning, calendars, bulletins, websites, billing & payments, etc. We aren’t very far along with all the features but the system is now populated with contact information on our current members. Thus, we are ready to issue login credentials so that everyone can get acquainted. As a kickoff, a dozen or so members stayed after the luncheon meeting on March 6 to download the ClubRunner app to their smartphones and get logged in. If you would like to get connected, contact Lori Walters at