Club seeks financial and administrative help

By John Ackenhusen

Although it is not imminent, our administrator John White has expressed the desire to retire, with the goal to be the end of our next Rotary year, i.e., June 30, 2019.

Hence, we are beginning to explore new ways to get our paid administrative and financial services performed.  To that end, we have prepared a summary description of services needed, in the form of a diagram and text that details all services we seek to have performed by paid, rather than volunteer resources, both administrative and financial.

There is also a more detailed 10-page version available upon request.   We anticipate an overlap between our present administrator, John White, and our controller, David Keosaian, and the new approach to performing these functions, which means they need to be in place within a year.

We are open to a variety of engagements for the work…  one or more contractors, a small company, a management organization, or one or more club employees.    We are providing the description of services sought to our members in the hope that ideas may come from members about persons or organizations that might be suitable.  We do know that we do not want the work done by a club member (though members of other clubs would be OK), hence maintaining the separation between professional and volunteer services.

Do you have suggestions as to whom should see and seek the work described in the Finanical Administrative Support Needs Summary?  If so, please contact John G. Ackenhusen,


John G. Ackenhusen
President, 2017-2018