Club History: Rural-Urban Get-To-Gethers and Interests in Young people

Following WWI Ann Arbor Rotary began sponsoring Rural-Urban Get-To-Gethers for representative farmers of Washtenaw County. They understood that agriculturists quite often feel their city cousins don’t know or care about rural problems. The Club sought to correct this misconception. Sometimes alone, and at times in cooperation with one or more other service clubs in the city, a sincere interest in farmers and farming was demonstrated. Meetings were hosted with 56 to 122 farmers. These were premised with the belief that each class of workmen can, and surely should, enjoy the friendship of other groups. The meetings included music, conversation, hog-calling, and talks by farmers. In every instance the gatherings proved highly advantageous to all concerned.


From the beginning International Rotary has taken a deep and sincere interest in young people. From the outset Ann Arbor Rotary began organizing and sponsoring through the years the following activities and clubs for area youth:

A Father and Son Banquet, A Father and Daughter Banquet, An Annual Dinner for University Youths Whose Fathers Are Rotarians, Four-H Club Meetings, Entertaining High School Leaders, Entertaining Foreign Students, University Scholarships for High School Graduates, The Starr Commonwealth Aid, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, The Y.M.C.A., The Y.W.C.A., Thanksgiving Dinners, Halloween Parties, Newsboys’ Aid,University of Michigan Rotaract Club, Rotary Interact Clubs of Huron and Pioneer High Schools, Junior Rotarians, STRIVE, and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

From this extensive list it can be seen that youth service in general has been deeply entrenched in Club members hearts and minds. It interprets another Club motto to its fullest: He profits most who serves youths best.