Meeting Notes

Harpoon Notes for February 6, 2019

President Greg rang the Rotary bell. All stood to sing a spirited “Star-Spangled Banner,” taking their tempo cues from our dashing, bowler-hatted Immediate Past President, John Ackenhusen. As the Anthem’s final notes faded into the ballroom firmament, Norma Sarkar came forward to deliver the Inspiration. “My message today has to do with Positive Aging,” she […]

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Harpoon Notes for December 19, 2018

Joan Knoertzer’s lyrical piano captured perfectly the spirit of the season. For her prelude Joan played “What a Wonderful World,” then, with the Rotary bell rung, she launched into a beautiful “God Bless America,” the country’s number 1 choice should we ever adopt dual anthems. Victor Stoeffler kicked off the proceedings with his Inspiration: “Regardless […]

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Meeting Notes – December 12, 2019

Joanne Knoertzer’s White Christmas was no competition for the happily expectant chatter of Rotarians as we looked forward to the performance of the Huron a capella choir after the business meeting. Dennis Powers read the gift list of Oren Arnold, late Sunday editor of the Arizona Republic: To your enemy, forgiveness; To an opponent, tolerance; […]

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