Bowling team triumphs

It wasn’t pretty, but on Thursday, May 2, your bowling team won the Ann Arbor Service Clubs League championship. Facing the tough Michigan Bowling 2 team, the squad, consisting of Dick Elwell, Sara Maddock, Norm Herbert, Chris Georgandellis, and Dan Romanchik, hung in there just long enough to take the title. (Collyer Smith and Spaulding Clark, and Cliff Sheldon, not pictured, are also team members.)

From L to R: Chris Georgandellis, Norm Herbert, Sara Maddock, Dick Elwell (captain), Dan Romanchik

Right from the get go, we knew it was going to be a tough fight. Lane conditions were less than optimal, and all of us had a tough time controlling our shots. Fortunately, our opponents found the lane conditions to be equally baffling.

We managed to win the first game by 45 pins, taking eight of the ten points. The second game went to our opponents by 31 pins. They also took eight of the ten points, meaning that we were all tied up, going into the final game.

We were expecting our opponents’ momentum to continue into the third game, but that momentum quickly evaporated. By the fifth frame of the final game, it really looked like we could win this thing, but we were only cautiously optimistic.  It certainly wasn’t out of the question for our opponents to get on a roll (pun intended) and overtake us. That run didn’t materialize, however, and we ended up winning the third game—and with it, the league championship—by about 80 pins.

The Service Clubs League is, arguably, the oldest bowling league in Ann Arbor. It was organized in the late 1940s, and at the time, was made up solely of teams from the many service clubs in Ann Arbor. This year, the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor was the only service club to field a team. The championship trophy, being held by Dick in the photo above, lists the name of every championship team dating back to the 1952-53 season.

The Rotary Club has only won the championship twice before, in 1959-60 and 2009-10. As you can tell from the photo above, we are all very happy that the Ann Arbor Rotary Club is once again going to be added to that list.