Board Meeting Notes for the June 20, 2018 Meeting

Summary of the Board of Director’s Meeting
June 20, 2018

       From the Desk of our Club Secretary Barbara Eichmuller:

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at the United Way Building. President John called the meeting to order and motions were made and approved to accept the Agenda and May Minutes.

The Club’s membership on May 31 was 317 Active Members plus six Honorary members and six Inactive Emeriti. Former member, Nick Lacy, has reinstated his membership and Stephanie Baldwin-Ross is a transferee from the Parker, CO club. Attendance for the month’s five meetings was 38%. Average attendance at each meeting was 101 members plus 18 others. Our engagement ratio for the month of May was 63%. On May 31, the Operating Fund Balance was $43,536.63. The Club’s Endowment Investment market value was $2,114,343.87.

DIRECTOR REPORTS: 1) The Club Administrator report noted that the move to Weber’s has been successfully completed. A short survey will be sent out to members to get their feedback. Dues notices have been distributed with a goal of having all dues in by June 30. 2) The Public Image Committee is looking for an associate volunteer webmaster. The Board approved the change to a new host and the discontinuation of relationships with Thread and Forte. It also approved web developer contract work to change the website over from Thread to a2hosting.3) President-Elect Greg presented a draft of the 2018-19 Budget for Board review. 4) Club Service is busy working to improve the attendance taking and flow of greeters at Weber’s.

PRESIDENT CORNER: President John reported 1) The search for a replacement for our existing Financial and Administrative Support is well under way. A job description has been developed and members of the Search Committee have met with potential candidates. The next step is to review work proposals from each applicant. 2) The Nominating Committee has identified and approached candidates to serve on the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. 3) Each year the current President is challenged by Rotary International to set goals at the beginning of the fiscal year. Thus far this year, we have achieved 30 of 33 goals.

President John concluded his last Board Meeting as our President with a quote from a wise man who said, “You value your colleagues to the extent that they save you from disaster as you work with them.” He thanked all of the members of the Board for their help in furthering the goals of our club…and saving him from disaster. Thank you, President John, for your leadership!