Administrator’s Report for July 25, 2018

What’s up with Renovation of the Union:Work is underway. You can keep up by visiting the “Re-Union” website on occasion. Click here. <link to:>>

Let the G&TO Fundraising Begin!

Two lucky Rotarians shared the three soccer game tickets gifted to us. They were sold at face value which resulted in $441 “kicking off” the auction fundraising for the September 10 gala event. For more information on the day’s activities and to see what items are available for traditional bidding, click here. <<link to:>>
Weekly Meeting Statistics:
A total of 69 members heard President Greg describe this plans for the year. We had two visiting Rotarians (ADG Anne Nauts of Chelsea and B. Yawson of Ann Arbor North) but no guests. In conjunction with the meeting, seven members of the Internal Financial Procedures Committee met.
Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:
None this week although John White did attend the meeting of the Dexter Club on June 26. The speaker was DG Jane McManus making her official visit. Their attendance was about 30. Not a bad turnout for 7:30am in a club of only 42! Note: DG Jane is scheduled to make her official visit to our club on October 17. It takes a while for her to visit all 53 clubs in our district.
Monthly Membership Report to the District:
July 1 starts the Rotary fiscal year. We finished 2017-2018 with 294 Active Members, six Honorary Members and six Inactive Emeritus members. There were no changes this month. Average attendance during July was 35% for the three meetings (Wednesday, July 4 was a holiday). Not reported to the district but calculated for club use were the averages of 81 Ann Arbor Rotarians and six others (mostly guests) at our weekly meetings. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 47%.