Administrator’s Report for July 11th

Weekly Meeting Statistics:
A total of 93 members witnessed the “changing of the guard” and heard from Michael Score on the Hantz Farm Project in Detroit. We also had one visiting Rotarian (B. Yawson of Ann Arbor North) and seven guests (including former club member Katherine Larson). In conjunction with the meeting, nine members of the International Humanitarian Projects Committee met as did six members of the Social Committee and two members of the G&TO Committee. Later in the day, 28 Rotarians and as many as a dozen guests attended President Greg’s inaugural happy hour at the Sessions Room.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:
None this week.

Membership Update:
In addition to the 21 members we lost at the end of June, we also accepted the resignations of Nicole Appleberry and Michael Tyson.